Dear Allegro,

I am in love with this girl and she doesn’t want to marry me. Even worse is that she is getting married to another man. I really don’t know what to do like I can’t stop thinking about her and she drives me crazy every day. I really love this girl and it makes me so angry she doesn’t love me back. The guy she loves is a fool that likes nothing but trouble. I just wish there was a magic spell to make her love me back. I am really stumped and In love. I would really appreciate it if you can help.

Unhappy Paris


Dear Unhappy Paris


Listen here,The reason she may not love is because you’re rushing her give her some space and let her figure stuff out on her own, if she is with another man just let them grow apart soon his trouble making personality will cause either his death and she will be free or she will see then that he is just a waste of time and she will turn to the only other person that loves her, you. If there was a magic spell like that I wouldn’t be giving advice to people like you. The best thing to do when you are like that is to give her time and just do something to get her off your mind. Reply’s 24/7 all day, every day.




Dear Allegro,

From Freaked out wife

Please help me! Madly in love with this guy Romeo but he comes from a family that my parents absolutely hate. I don’t know what they have against this family, but I’m so afraid that if they find out that I married him, they will hate me and kick me out of their life or something. He killed my cousin Tybalt, but he only killed him because he was kind of aggressive and he killed my Romeo’s best friend. I forgave him for killing Tybalt, but then that the stupid prince banished him!! Why wouldn’t he just like make Romeo pay a fine like really, it’s kind of unnecessary. Anyway, my parents don’t know that I am already married so they are trying to make me marry this total doofus who thinks he’s really cool. His name is Paris and he thinks he is the best thing that ever happened to Verona and my dad loves him so much he wants me to marry Paris just so he can be part of the family! If he loves him so much he can marry Paris instead of me! Honestly, I would be cool with that just as long as I don’t have to because I really don’t love him. He is such a dummy, he is clumsy, he is really old like he is almost 10 years older than me! I just turned 14 and he is like 29! That’s really old and I don’t want to be seen in public with a husband who is old and dying while I am still remotely young. Most importantly, I love Romeo too much to betray him like this I might just have to kill myself to get out of this situation. What if Romeo forgets about me while he is in Mantua? What if he moves on and finds another wife instead of me?

Anxiously awaiting your reply

Crazy Juliet

Dear Crazy Juliet

From Allegro

First off, what makes him so special and I can’t answer that question because they don’t even know why they’re fighting in the first place to be honest I don’t really care. Well, if they did find out that you did secretly marry someone the worst thing they can do is kick you out cause all you have to do is live in Mantua with him, if he did kill your cousin and you forgave him that does say that you want to be with him but here’s the thing if he does end up killing one of your relatives again that’s why you should drop it. The reason why the prince put a punishment out is because your two families have been causing chaos in the streets, so he put that out to see if it will work and obviously that didn’t work, well to be honest he could have been executed. This Paris guy if he does like you just say this to him that you don’t see his reaction. This age difference, I understand that you don’t want to be with an old, smelly, dying man, nobody wants to be with that. Like i said before plan something with your friends to get you out of Verona. If you love him so much and so does he, I doubt that he will forget about you or even have an affair with someone else.

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