ELA 9 Year-End Assessment

  • Prove or Disprove, using supports/examples, that you have grown as a learner through the ELA class activities?
    I feel like I have grown as a learner because I am more aware of what I’m doing. Some examples are, I feel like more work has more content than before it just had the bare minimum. Also, I don’t mind talking in front of the class but if I have to I will, sure it’s not my cup of tea. Something that supports that is my blog you could scroll through it and see how much more content I added to the posts.
  • You have completed speaking, writing, and visual representations in this ELA;

Which of these comes easily to you? Give an example and explain why this strand of ELA is easier for you?
A- The activity that comes most easily to me is writing I can get settled down and work without any complications. An example is my Outsiders re-write I did enjoy it. I don’t know why it’s easier for me I guess it’s because I can express myself freely without worrying about anyone judging me too much.
Which of these do you struggle most with and what about it causes that? Give an example.
B- I struggle the most with speaking like I said before it has always been something I stress out over and I tend to panic when I do try to speak in front of the class I stutter a lot.

  • Give an example of the planning/development of an assignment that you’re most proud of.
    The planning I am most proud of is the Outsiders Re-Write plan because I was able to cross off certain things that would mess up the storyline and also add stuff I didn’t put down, doing this type of stuff makes me feel in control.
  • Formative feedback is the same as summative except you get it before you finalize/submit the assignment. How did it help you improve the quality and level of work to get your feedback during your work instead of it? Give an example to support.
    When I got feedback for my Re-Write, I felt like I was just not putting my full focus on it so when I did, felt like I have done something I didn’t even know I could do.
  • Did you reach or test your potential in this ELA class?
    This Ela year was testing my skills in writing sure we had guidelines to help me but in everything, I felt like this was a test on my skills as a student.
  • Do you find your level of self-awareness in your skills and abilities in ELA has improved at all over the last year? Are you reflective and conscious of what is expected of you and what level you accomplish?
    My self-awareness of my skills has improved drastically. I know what was expected of me this year and a little bit next year.
  • Explain whether you felt sufficiently challenged in your ELA work this year. Give an example of a task or project that tested the limits of your abilities.
    I felt challenged this year which was good because it helped improved my skills a lot as a writer. An example which challenged me was the last presentation of the year where we had to pick a topic and explain how to survive in it.