My Assess and Reflect Tasks (AR)

Nov 15, 2015 Grammarly Feedback on CR Writing

After completing my Comprehend and Reflect questions in a blog post, we ran my writing through the Grammarly program to get a print out that identifies my common and recurring errors. This sample will be an example of what my writing is like now, in Grade 9, compared to what it will be as I improve through high school.

Grammarly Edits PDF – CR Responses Nate


October 8th 2015  Multiple Intelligence Survey

This is my Intelligence survey as you all can see I am very general type of person and I am a nature smart type of person more then anything else. But other then that I am a all-round person stronger in some areas but not by much.



nate intellegence


 October 7th 2015

Self Reflect

The most difficult thing about the self reflect is being honest with myself and thinking on stuff that I did well on.


September 10th, 2015

This my Assess and reflect on how my new teacher and class is, and what I’m excited for this year. YAY!



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