Hey Nate, here’s a little gift for you!

We recently completed a fairly brief formative speaking / representing activity. Each of you had pick out five images that you would then base a short story on; your five pictures had to represent aspects of the beginning, middle, and ending of your future story-to-be. The twist, though, was that I then said I was going to give your Five Frames to someone else randomly for them to develop a short story that matched the pictures you selected. It caught you all off guard, but you had a great time with it.

When you’d finished writing it out, you presented it by reading your written story aloud to the class while we followed along with the five images. After that, you went even one step further and added your audio of you reading with the images in a video file. Here’s your video that you made, then! May it be an example of your early work with speaking, writing, and representing and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening to this years down the road near graduation! 🙂