Themes of Romeo and Juliet

There are several topics I have to pick and the first topic I’m going to pick is: The Uselessness of Violence

We all know that in Romeo and Juliet people die so what the topic means is that there are more options then say take your own life meaning a series of outcomes could have been avoided then taking an act of violence. This topic relates to the play because the play has characters die to have a effect on the characters making them take their own lives in order to get out of the situation. An example would be when Romeo is out for revenge for when Tybalt killed Mercutieo and he succeeded in killing Tybalt. This event relates to the movie because the scene was violent but Romeo could have said something to Tyblat regret his decision not just kill him the  have himself regret it because he killied his spouses cousin and he knew it would affect her in anyway.

The next topic I’m going to discuss is: The Strength of Young Love

The topic is saying that when two people come together we all know that some great things can be accomplished such as Romeo and Juliet. This topic relates to Romeo and Juliet when Romeo proposes to Juliet so that there is love. A specific example is when Romeo first meets Juliet at the Capulet ball after that they were inseparable after that point in their lives even if they were destined to be enemies. This relates to the theme because it shows that they could be inseparable showing that they cared about each other even through the death of Tybalt even though romeo killed him that there shows the strength of love.

The next topic is: The Dangers of Dishonesty

This topic is saying that there will be consequences to your lying if you choose to lie instead of tell the truth, it will come around and bite you in the butt in the long run. An example is that Juliet lied to her father to protect her secret marriage with Romeo. Another example is when she declined her fathers offer for her to marry Paris and that caused him to lash out on her and nearly banishing her from the family house. This event ties into the theme because later she ends up paying the price.


The next topic is:Revenge leads to Destruction

This topic is means that if you have revenge it could lead you further into to disaster then before. this topic is found when Romeo was at the Capulet ball Tybalt saw him and was gonna confront him but his father said not at his ball. Later in the play he confronted Romeo and killed Mercutieo and that lead to his death by Romeo’s hand. This event is related to the theme because Tyblat was mad at Romeo for even showing up the ball and that lead to his death.

The last topic is: Fate often Controls Lives

This topic says that the stuff that you do could lead to the end of something bad or good, it could lead to your death or a breakthrough that is all fate guiding you. This is found all throughout the play Romeo and Juliet and all the characters were guided by fate. A specific example is when Romeo realized his fate was sealed when he killed Tyblat. this event is tied with the theme because he realized what he did was his last chance and he blew it, he was gonna be executed.

Oct 30 Five Frame Stories – speaking / representing

Hey Nate, here’s a little gift for you!

We recently completed a fairly brief formative speaking / representing activity. Each of you had pick out five images that you would then base a short story on; your five pictures had to represent aspects of the beginning, middle, and ending of your future story-to-be. The twist, though, was that I then said I was going to give your Five Frames to someone else randomly for them to develop a short story that matched the pictures you selected. It caught you all off guard, but you had a great time with it.

When you’d finished writing it out, you presented it by reading your written story aloud to the class while we followed along with the five images. After that, you went even one step further and added your audio of you reading with the images in a video file. Here’s your video that you made, then! May it be an example of your early work with speaking, writing, and representing and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening to this years down the road near graduation! 🙂


I am Sam: CC Section B

These are some songs that could fit in the movie I am Sam



Lyrics 2




This song relates to the movie because Sam loves Lucy





This song fits in because Sam will see Lucy again

lyrics 1

Locked Away

This song matches the movie because Sam loves Lucy and then he is wondering how much she loves him

I am Sam: CC Section A

This is a run through the alphabet but with each letter i had to make a word matching the letter of the alphabet


Character alphabet: Sam

A is for Abuse is what Sam suffered

B is for Baby he had to take care of

C is for Crying the baby did while he looked after her

D is for Distress he needed help with the baby

E is for Eventually the baby would grow up

F is for Father he was a good father to her

G is for Gentle is what he had to be with her

H is for Help he needed so he had to ask his neighbour

I is for I am Sam the name of the movie

J is for Job Sam needed a new job

K is for Kid that Lucy turned into

L is for Love which all you need

M is for Mental Capacity is Sam problem

N is for New apartment: Sam moved into a new apartment

O is for Opportunity that Sam can get Lucy back

P is for Pancakes is what Sam loves

Q is for Quantity: he has small quantity of time with her

R is for Rita his lawyer and friend

S is for Sam his name

T is for Trying to fight to get Lucy back

U is for Universal: this problem is universal

V is for Visiting Lucy for only two hours

W is for Worried: Sam was worried that he might lose Lucy

X is for Xylophone is what Lucy played with when she was littler

Y is for Youth: Sam is good with the Youth

Z is for Zero: Sam has Zero time with her

I am Sam movie reflection

2.) Some comparisons between the book “Stellaluna” and the movie “I am Sam” are that they both teach about being different and yet the same, when the birds saw Stellaluna as one of them their mother taught her like a bird but when her mother found her and taught her how to be a bat and to hang upside down and eat fruit not bugs , Sam was born with a disability so he learned from an institution so he was taught differently from other kids and with his mental capacity being age 7 he only understood up to grade 2 level so when Lucy asked him some questions he tried to change the topic because he doesn’t know the answer. When Lucy reads the book “Stellaluna” and she came across a difficult word and she tried to sound it out and she said she doesn’t know what it was Sam was also clueless and made Lucy sad so she made him read “Green eggs and Ham”.


3.) Some dynamic characters are Sam, Lucy, Rita and they all grow from knowledge and experience. Sam from being a father with a disability and he doesn’t know what he is doing but he carves out time for Lucy and he eventually becomes a good caring father fighting for Lucy to live with him again. Lucy is dynamic character because she grows in age and size, like when Sam had to work with Lucy in a baby sling and she causes all kinds of trouble, knocking things over, making people spill there coffee. Rita is a dynamic character because she goes from being a selfish person who does nothing but work and tries to spend time with her son but ends up working really late but eventually she learns to cope with Sams disability.


4.) This movie has three acts one of them, the first one is Sam raising Lucy till she is around 6-7 years old and that’s the end of scene one. Scene two is when Sam and his “Crew” are gonna give Lucy a surprise birthday party but Connor yells out that Lucy is adopted Lucy runs away, the scene ends when Mr.Turner questions Sam if he is capable of taking care of Lucy and when that scene ends it begins the, third scene which has Lucy move to a foster family and then Sam finds out where she lives and then he gets a new job to walk some dogs for money but then he runs across the foster family, and he asks to see Lucy, who runs out angry-like saying he never talks to her anymore, no letters, no nothing, but he has a letter but he ran out of room so he reads the letter out-loud and then he moves closer to Lucy just so he could see her more then usual, and of course it ends with Sam the referee of Lucy’s soccer game and she scores a goal and then he picks her up and runs in circles,then the movie ends


5.) Sam due to his disability he has the mental capacity of a seven year old but there are times he is smarter then other adults, for example when Lucy had a presentation about butterfly’s and she forgot but he stepped in and helped her, but there was this kid who was doing a presentation on arthropods such as spiders and he was having trouble but his hotshot dad wanted him to look smart but he kept helping him and the son snapped and gave up because he wants to do potato bugs


6.) Rita is Sam lawyer throughout the movie but their lives may seem different but really their not here are some examples:

  • Number one: they are both single parents
  • number two: they both have a young child
  • Number three: both are carving or trying to carve out time to see them
  • Number four: they both have a job that they are working hard to earn money


7.)When the camera rotates around like when Rebecca left Sam with Lucy when she was born the camera rotated around as if he is looking for her it made me understand on how Sam felt about his current situation, he felt scared and lost. the camera angles in the movie help you understand how he feels and has a better emotional effect then just having 2D feel to it like just the camera moving from left to right in a straight line.

Words on a Page Presentation

This is my prezi about “Words on a Page” this story review is about a girl in grade 10 with a first nations background and she happens to be a good writer and her teacher wants her to go to Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada. When she asks her parents, her mother says check with her father, so when she does he says no. She has this dream about a crow that’s trying to land but it can’t  but as time goes on and days ass more crows appear in her dream and when they land they represent her story……. but I won’t tell the rest of the story


Found Poem

Listen to my boring voice have fun to me explaining the story “And the Lucky winner is……” a story set in the future and a boy crashes from a helioite and is paralyzed from the waist down so he goes into the hospital and its gonna cost half a million to fix him with advance surgery so there is a lottery that can fix him so that’s what this story is about

Oct.8 ELA 9 New start!

Hello welcome to my blog just to let you know its extremely hard to focus without stopping and looking at this gif……………… Your welcome X)


Welcome to blogging, Nate!

You might be surprised to learn you have a blog. And you’ve got some of your work on it already. That’s how simple it is to blog! Crazy, huh?

You’re starting with me in Grade 9, so over the next four years as you continue to add work and examples of your writing / speaking to this blog, you’ll have quite a collection to reflect back on at the end of Grade 12. That’s how you’ll recognize how much you’ve grown in your communication abilities, by comparing the early work to what you’re capable of before graduation.

I hope you embrace this blogging task and experiment with developing a writer’s voice for yourself and enjoy the feedback you can give and receive from your peers. Who knows where this will take us, right?


Ms. Waldner

A1 CC Descriptive writing practice

After reading “Laying on the Sidewalk Bleeding”, we played around with writing our own descriptive passages. We tried to focus on creating vivid phrases to really give the impression for the reader of what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Gr 9 Descriptive Writing Nate

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