HEAD: His skin is purple and his eyes are a darker purple than his skin and he has a thin snout and he has horns on the side of his head and in between them starts a spinal ridge.

NECK: His neck is smaller than his body but a quarter way down starts his golden chest and the spinal ridge is continued down the body towards the tail and they progressively get shorts with each ridge

BODY: His chest is golden and he has wings that come out his back that are dark yellow and orange.

LEGS: He has four legs with three claws. his front legs have on joint and the back legs have three joints

TAIL:  His tail is slightly shorter than his body and at the end has a spear

So I had a few friends draw my description and I will say they did do really good.

Mackenzie’s Drawing

Trystan’s Drawing

Carson’s Drawing


So like I said they did really well and here is the picture I chose to describe. Good ol’ Spyro this was my childhood