Dear Alegro

From Puffy Paris

I need your help. My soon to be wife, left me for another boy and married him! This is ridiculous, my whole life is crashing down in a ball of flames. It’s even worse when he is Montugue, her family’s arch enemy and she likes him. Please I need your guidance. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, yet I have other girls throwing themselves at my feet so I don’t dirty my shoes. But I love her more and I don’t think she loves me, that’s what worries me, please I’m begging you I need your help. Her father promised she would be mine for all of eternity. I will blister my feet across thousands of beaches, sail the deadliest oceans. Waiting for your answer impatiently.

Puffy Paris


Dear Alegro

From xXx_Romeo40_xXx

Help! I’m a criminal and I’m wanted in Verona, i want to see my lovely wife Juliet she is left alone in Verona with a creep by the name of Paris or online named “Puffy Paris, ” he wants her and she chose me, he lost fair and square I should be the one to have her not him but I go and kill someone because the person I killed, killed my best friend. Oh, one thing the person that i killed was her cousin so I’m in hot water with her, but I hope things will blow over now I’m waiting for Fair Lawrence to come up with a plan cause he will, he knows I can’t be without her, and she can’t be without me I hope she can come up with something cope with it. Please I need you to talk me through on what to do. I need your answer NOW!